Research Outcomes

There are 3 key research outcomes:

  1. Can a neutral-host chargepoint platform encourage greater EVCP penetration in underserved rural and urban areas by reducing risk?
  2. Does a neutral-host common approach overcome the internal hurdles identified in the SOSCI project, which slow or curtail the deployment of EVCPs in underserved areas by 6 months
  3. Can LAs (large and small) together with other regional public sector organisations use this neutral host model to collaborate, prepare and submit large scale (£5-10M) applications to OZEV for funding which encompass underserved areas.

REVUP will address these points by developing a transformative business model and co-operative template contracts, specifications for suppliers of each element of the neutral-host. It will test these assumptions by installing 2 neutral-host charging points in the North East, demonstrating the technical and commercial benefits of the approach. Baseline data from the SOSCI project has shown that LAs can take 12-24+ months to obtain funding, agree sites internally, procure and then finalise a commercial contract for a chargepoint. The project will measure process innovation — how long sites take from inception to completion using the neutral host model.