About the Project

Regional Electric Vehicle Unified Plan (REVUP) will create a transformative business model and deliver an innovative toolkit and demonstrators to facilitate the installation of Electric Vehicle Charge Points (EVCPs) in remote and underserved communities.

It addresses  a significant barrier to delivering charging infrastructure to communities where commercial providers are unwilling to risk investment in EVCP provision and LAs often lack the knowledge and capacity to intervene effectively (Policy Exchange Report, Feb 2021).

The business model shares the risk between public sector bodies, communities and chargepoint operators. It is based around applying a Neutral Host concept to the installation of electric vehicle charge points (EVCPs) and aims to:

  • Remove known barriers and delays which have been holding up charge point installation aims.
  • Create a transformative business model that will make it easier for the private sector to deliver the installation of EVCPs on a much broader scale.
  • Change the methodology for the funding, procurement, installation and operation of EVCPs, based around applying a Neutral Host concept to EVCPs.
  • Provide a template to allow public authorities to combine resources and submit larger scale bids to OZEV, to help facilitate the shift to zero emission vehicles and help the UK to hit its net zero carbon reduction targets.

There is a demand from drivers who wish to switch to EVs and evidence from various studies including the SOSCI project indicate that drivers without off-street parking, will consider overnight charging, within a 5-minute walk of their house. OZEV is already making funding available to LAs to support such installations, (via ORCS) but the take-up is too slow to meet current demand, let alone the 2030 target to end Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle sales. Exploitation in the SOSCI project has shown that many LAs find the application and approvals process for ORCS funding is fraught with challenges and hurdles, many created by the established procedures of the LAs themselves.

REVUP will use lessons’ learned from the SOSCI and ORCS projects to reduce and overcome the real challenges and hurdles which impede the installation of EVCPs. Preliminary discussions with some regional organisations have shown a recognition of the challenges and the need to research and develop a standard solution.

OZEV is part of the Department for Transport and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.